Trampoline Classes

Kids love jumping on the bed, so why not put that energy to good use? Bouncing produces more endorphins, burns more calories, and is an all-around great workout. In addition, skills learned in trampoline classes are directly applicable to gymnastic routines. Our classes teach body awareness, strengthen core muscles and develop timing and spotting skills. 

Learning on the trampoline is the perfect way to add some bounce to any routine, and we have classes for all skill levels available. 

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling is an important skill for gymnasts to master to excel in the sport. At GSA, we offer tumbling classes for students of all abilities. We work with students who have never tumbled before as well as gymnasts with years of tumbling experience. Tumbling improves form, strength and flexibility. From learning proper hand placement to mastering more advanced tumbling techniques, our classes teach all the essentials. 

Beginners start with forward and backward rolls, walkovers and cartwheels. More advanced students learn how to do round-offs, front and back handsprings, standing front and back tucks, and layouts.

View our schedule to see the tumbling classes we are currently offering. 
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